Hands for Healing (Finger Holds)

Our fingers are connected to energy channels in our body, to our nervous system and brain. By holding certain fingers we can help to calm down the energy channel and area of the brain that finger is associated with. These finger holds can be done for yourself or on someone else.

Here is a list of the emotions associated with each finger:

Thumb: tears, grief, emotional pain, or feeling upset
Pointer/Index finger: fear, panic or feeling scared
Middle finger: anger, rage, resentment or feeling mad
Ring finger: worry or anxiety
Pinkie/Little finger: self-doubt or self-loathing

Here is how to restore balance using finger holds:
1. Wrap one hand around the finger that is associated with the emotion you are experiencing. (You can use either hand for this and you can also hold the finger tip of the finger instead of wrapping the finger.)
2. Feel into your body and hands and attune to your breath.

In general, it takes about two to five minutes to feel the effects of a finger hold. You may or may not feel the calming effect of the finger hold, but trust that your nervous system is being calmed by doing the finger hold.

Would you like to learn what finger holds would be most effective for you? Schedule a yoga therapy session by emailing [email protected]