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Licensed medical professionals with point injection therapy (PIT) in their scope of practice can practice acupoint injection therapy (APIT) once they have received the proper training according to their state’s requirements. Our course is designed to fulfill the requirements for WA, NV, CO, UT, and MT to practice APIT as a licensed acupuncturist (or alternative license with point injection in scope of practice). Please check with your state board for more information on practicing APIT in your state. Note: MD is in the process of adding PIT to the scope of practice for licensed acupuncturists, and our course meets the training requirements outlined in their proposal

The Intro to Acupoint Injection Therapy (APIT) Seminar is designed for licensed medical professionals with point injection therapy (PIT) in their scope of practice. If you are not a licensed acupuncturist, you can still take this course as long as PIT is in your scope and you’re interested in learning about injection therapy into acupuncture points from a Chinese medicine point of view. Check out our professional seminar page for more information:

Acupoint Injection Therapy Seminar

For licensed acupuncturists, your certificate counts for 24 PDA points through the NCCAOM. For non-acupuncturist practitioners, you will receive the same certificate through the NCCAOM. The Introduction to Acupoint Injection Therapy Seminar is 24 credit hours. This class qualifies NCCAOM members for 24 PDA credits

You will need to take notes, whether by hand or on a laptop, tablet, etc. You may want to bring snacks and lunch, if you don’t wish to go out during the lunch hour. There is limited availability of food in the cafeteria on campus, as well as vending machines with snacks, drinks, and coffee. See the other FAQ regarding local food availability.

You will also need to bring comfortable clothes, such as shorts, yoga pants, tank tops, sports bras, etc for ease of access to injection sites as we will be working on each other as well as volunteer patients

You will receive your certificate of completion for the Introduction to Acupoint Injection Therapy Seminar via e-mail from NCCAOM after we have received all your completed paperwork and final course evaluation

Yes! Bastyr University is a potential option for lodgings. You can find out more information about their available rooms here: https://bastyr.edu/about/event-services/overnight-accommodations

Additionally, here is a list of other local lodgings close to campus: https://bastyr.edu/sites/default/files/images/pdfs/continuing-education/Hotels-Local.pdf