• Risk to Bloom

    The trees are budding, the bulbs are sprouting, and the earth is springing to life around us. This time of year is one of expansion, growth and transformation. Harness the energy of this season to move out of pain and beyond fear. Anais Nin’s quote reflects what is required for change. When we get to…

  • The Eternal Now

    At this time we welcome the new year, but what is time anyway? We think time is very real, but does time truly have any reality? Scientists and spiritual beings have delved into the nature of reality and have come to discover that time is a concept of mind used to interpret experience. Outside of…

  • Winter a Time to Restore and Renew

    Winter is a time to restore and renew.  As we become less active we have the opportunity to BE rather than do.  By staying indoors more we are supported to tune into ourselves.  This gives us the space and time to notice, accept and allow ourselves just as we are.  In this allowance we discover…


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