Acupoint Injection Therapy

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Tired of being in pain? Tired of taking ibuprofen products? Dr. Duarte provides an extremely effective treatment called Acupoint Injection Therapy (APIT) to reduce inflammation and pain which also stimulates the body’s natural healing process. Dr. Duarte has practiced APIT since 1993 and taught APIT to medical professionals in the U.S. and internationally since 1999. APIT, also known as aquapuncture, acupuncture point injection therapy, biopuncture and trigger point therapy, combines the therapeutic effects of acupuncture with herbal medicine to restore balance to the body.

Although APIT is similar to other forms of regenerative injections, APIT is based on the philosophy and principles of Chinese Medicine by injecting substances directly into acupuncture points. Substances such as saline, sterile water, local anesthetics, herbs, minerals, vitamins in liquid form, and homeopathic and nutritional substances may be used consistent with the practice of acupuncture and Eastern medicine.

What Health Conditions Can APIT Help With?

APIT can help with health conditions such as: 

  • Chronic pain, headaches/migraines, arthritis, and sports injuries
  • Immune system problems, allergies, asthma, and infections
  • Cancer treatment side effects
  • Infertility, menstrual cramps, menopause symptoms, and sexual pain/dysfunction
  • Stress & mental/emotional conditions
  • Digestive disorders and detoxification
  • Neurological disorders
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How Does APIT Help With Pain?

Many patients have muscle spasms, low back pain, sciatica, disc problems, muscle tension discomfort, joint strains/sprains, plantar fasciitis, nerve tingling in extremities, and other acute or chronic symptoms due to car accidents, sports injuries, falls, repetitive motion overuse, and fibromyalgia. Acupoint Injections can provide relief. By utilizing injections of local anesthetics, nutraceuticals, and homeopathic products (anti-inflammatories) into the muscles (trigger point injections) or under the skin (therapeutic subcutaneous injections) there is a rapid reversal of pain (usually within 3 sessions).

Acupoint Injection Therapy is especially useful when massage, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, and/or prescription drugs have not provided satisfactory results. APIT provides an alternative to the often recommended Cortisone shots. Dr Duarte utilizes a protocol where the injections do not require deep insertion. Patients often report, “I can’t believe I am looking forward to more injections!” Contact us for a free consultation to see if Acupoint Injection Therapy may be right for you.

For Medical Professionals Interested in Adding APIT to Your Practice

Interested in learning more about APIT professionally? Check out our seminars here.

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 24 reviews
 by Charlie Kapica on Kirkland Whole Life Clinic

Since seeing Dr. Duarte for the first time, I have noticed significant improvements within my body after surgeries I have had and, to my mental health. Receiving treatments from Dr. Duarte also helped me overcome my smoking addiction. I cannot express enough gratitude and will continue to see him regularly.

 by Kimberly Cranwell on Kirkland Whole Life Clinic

I have been seeing Dr. Duarte for over 3 years and am nothing but thrilled with his service. He takes time to listen, addresses specific concerns, and expresses an interest in my overall well-being. I highly recommend him and his services!

 by Chelsea Kapica on Kirkland Whole Life Clinic

Since becoming a patient of Dr. Duarte and regularly receiving acupuncture, I have felt alot of relief from pains related to injuries I’ve had as well as improvement in overall well-being and stress relief. He is a great person and is warm and welcoming, I always recommend him to my friends and family. He is the best at what he does!

 by Angelina Sanchez on Kirkland Whole Life Clinic

I was suffering from chronic knee pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, stomach issues etc…, my friend recommended acupuncture with Dr. Duarte. I was sceptical about it. My pcp doctor said “I don’t know what else to do for you” after I saw pain management, rheumatologist, I got injections on one knee, physical therapy, massage, I was told I needed knee replacement, I accepted care for 3 years with all of the above. I decided to give Dr. William Duarte a chance. The first day I came to see him, I got beautiful results, I could walk, now stomach issues are gone, my whole body is healing. I’ve been seeing Dr. Duarte for the past 4 years, THANK YOU, Doctor Duarte for always being processional, knowledgeable, and. Caring.

 by Joy Yagi on Kirkland Whole Life Clinic

Dr. Duarte is a treasure. He provided great relief to my neck and back following a bad accident and now helps with the acute aches and pains that pop up with life. His extensive expertise, deep knowledge and genuine compassion are invaluable. I always feel looser and lighter after seeing him!

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