Yoga Therapy

yoga at Kirkland Whole Life Clinic

At Kirkland Whole Life Clinic we encourage our patients to integrate yoga therapy into their treatment plans because of its capacity to support and enhance other healing modalities. In addition to relieving chronic pain, yoga therapy is useful for harmonizing the nervous system, increasing respiratory health, and stimulating the endocrine glands to naturally rejuvenate the body.

Yoga Therapist, Sonia Weirich, C-IAYT uses the tools of yoga therapy ranging from movement, breath work, and relaxation practices to meditation and mindfulness as a means to facilitate well-being and restore balance.  Each individual is different, as a result yoga therapy practices are custom tailored to meet each individual’s needs and desires.  Yoga Therapy can be used to re-align the physical body, balance out emotions, calm the mental state, or foster spiritual connection.

Email Sonia at for a free consult or to schedule a yoga therapy session.  Visit Sonia Weirich’s website for specific yoga therapy workshops and series


“As I recover from a motorcycle accident and surgery, I have been blessed with great caregiving every step of the way and Sonia is one of them.  Prior to my first appointment she contacted my physical therapist to find out everything she could about my condition. She truly listens to me to find out what I can do and is always adapting my program for where I am at.  Sonia has been very insightful with what we should be doing next and how much we should push it.” R.V.W.

“The work I have been doing in private sessions with Sonia over the past 8 weeks, has been more effective for my shoulder than 1yr of PT. It is impacting everything; my cycling and paddling have changed. I can breathe better, I have more endurance, and I feel better.” D.S.

“These yoga therapy sessions are more effective than the cognitive behavioral therapy I have been doing.” M.H.

“I started doing private yoga sessions with Sonia because of the physical side effects I was experiencing from anxiety meditation. With the support of Sonia and my psychiatrist I was able to come off the drug. While the drug helped me get through a difficult time in my life, my regular yoga practice now empowers me to manage my emotions naturally.” F.S.

“In the past I had tried many times to meditate without success. When Sonia lead me through a guided meditation I didn’t think I could even do 5 minutes, but I did and one of our sessions consisted of a 45min guided meditation focused on healing. Wow what a powerful session that was.” – R.V.W

Group Viniyoga Classes

Group Viniyoga classes are focused on breath, movement and meditation. Suitable for students not in acute or chronic pain.  Breath is the fundamental link between body, mind, emotion, and spirit and it is emphasized in Viniyoga as the medium for all practice. Repetition and stay in a pose helps to build flexibility and strength as well as re-pattern bodily movement and habits. Classes end with relaxation and guided meditation to calm and focus awareness.  Visit for a schedule of classes on yoga, breath and meditation.


“I have been loving my yoga classes with Sonia for months now. She approaches each session with sensitivity and creativity, always including meditation and breathwork along with the asana practice. She makes each class fun and interesting while also being very therapeutic.” C.S.

“Being in a yoga class with Sonia is a whole-body experience that leaves me feeling calm, stronger, more awake and alive, and breathing deeper. Sonia’s open, welcoming manner , combined with her extensive yoga experience and knowledge of the body helps me to do yoga in a way that is pleasant, gently stretching and strengthening, and satisfying for my mind, body and spirit.” B.J.

“Zoom yoga classes are almost as good as in person. There is a sense of community with the other online students and Sonia is still able to offer me suggestions and tips during class. I love the variations Sonia introduces in class and I always feel calmer at the end.” H.A.

“I have been looking for a good Viniyoga teacher. Sonia has a unique and creative style of teaching.” – D. D.

“Sonia is a very gifted yoga instructor.  Her focus on the breath has been fundamental in shaping my own yoga practice.  She offers insightful meditations/focuses for each practice that are centered around aspects of the breath and parts of the body.  Her instruction has helped me to find peace and calm both on and off of the mat.”  L.E.


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