Yoga Therapy

yoga at Kirkland Whole Life Clinic

At Kirkland Whole Life Clinic we encourage our patients to integrate yoga therapy into their treatment plans because of its capacity to support and enhance other healing modalities. In addition to relieving chronic pain, yoga therapy is useful for harmonizing the nervous system, increasing respiratory health, and deep spiritual connection to naturally rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.

Yoga Therapist, Sonia Weirich, C-IAYT and E-RYT 500, uses the tools of yoga therapy ranging from movement, breath work, and relaxation practices to meditation and mindfulness as a means to facilitate well-being and restore balance.  Each individual is different, as a result yoga therapy practices are custom tailored to meet each individual’s needs and desires.  Yoga Therapy can be used to re-align the physical body, balance out emotions, calm the mental state, or foster spiritual connection.

“When I first came to my yoga therapy sessions with Sonia I was challenged by anxiety and I had shoulder and other mobility issues from breaking my arm. Sonia is always patient, encouraging and quick to adapt to how I am feeling. She has helped me so much with my recovery from anxiety and her focus on increasing my shoulder mobility and movement in general has made an enormous difference to my life.” P.R.

Email Sonia at [email protected] for a free consult or to schedule a yoga therapy session.  Also visit for yoga therapy classes, workshops and series.

Yoga Therapy Classes

Client are recommended to transition from yoga therapy sessions into group yoga therapy classes where they can continue to be supported in their health and well-being.

Yoga for Wellness is a weekly therapeutic yoga class (in-person or online) lead by certified Yoga Therapist Sonia Weirich through Discover Yoga in Redmond on Thursdays from 11:30-12:45pm. The therapeutic movements in each class are uniquely designed and adapted to serve individual needs and goals. The focus of each class is the on deep stabilizing muscles, breath, self-awareness, relaxation and a supportive community. Visit Discover Yoga to register.

“I liked how you entered my home environment with the online class. It helped me bring my yoga practice into my personal space which I was struggling to do so far. I feel stronger and capable of maintaining what we worked on together because of the class.” M.H.