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Kirkland Whole Life Clinic
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 by Maya T.

If you are in pain – any kind of pain – see Dr. Duerte. Dr. D is a life saver. MRI confirmed I have a C5 herniated disc with pinched nerve. The pain is mostly manageable, but I couldn’t sleep last night from the pain. I got up feeling totally jacked and decrepit. He fit me in last minute, some quick injections and 2 hours later I have relief. The treatment isn’t exactly pleasant but it is worth it.

He’s worth it. He’s worth the drive (30 mins for me, but people drive 3 hours from Portland to see him and leave happy) and the cost. I can’t even explain what a difference he makes in my quality of life. It’s life changing. I have muscle pain, Intra-spinus ligament pain, TMJ pain, headaches, pinched nerve pain, piriformus syndrome pain (most likely, not 100% positive) and he helps with it all. Yes, my body is all messed up and he makes it feel better. He’s amazing. Thank you Dr. D.

 by Eric Garloc

William is the Best! It’s amazing what happens to my body after a little needling session.Once I came in head held low and actually left with a spring in my step. He also makes great salves that work better and smell better than most pain relievers.

 by J.W.

Dr. Duarte has been a life saver! I started seeing Dr D summer of 2017 and have been seeing him every two weeks. I have had sever allergies, asthma and inflammation and I have felt significant improvement. Not only does Dr D provide acupuncture but also has a wealth of knowledge in natural remedies and Chinese herbs to deal with root cause for health issues and great council. I highly recommend him and the clinic. The Kirkland Whole Life Clinic is easy to work with for your insurance too!

 by Alex S.

I have been seeing Dr. Duarte (William) for over two years and have received services for mainly acupuncture, but also, counseling, massage and supplements. William truly has a gift and is incredibly tuned in to what my body is feeling and needs. As much as that, William puts his care for his patients above all else and I feel that every time I go there. I consider him a friend and valuable component to my health, and I am very grateful to have found him.

 by Shannon W.

I have been a patient of Dr Duarte for almost three years now following a car accident and after trying MANY physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and several doctors of allopathic and naturopathic medicine only to then be referred to Dr Duarte and I couldn’t be happier! He is compassionate, humble, humorous and truly has the well being of the patient in mind. Plus the treatment ACTUALLY works. Very happy with the results and am still coming for treatments even though my PIP claim has ended because it works for so many things! Thank you so much!! Couldn’t be happier with the service

 by Wild-Herness Aerialist

Whitewater rafting is one of my passions. Because it is a hard job and I’ve had some injuries in the past crashing on my dirt bike, gymnastics and not to mention the emotional baggage we tend to store in our bodies, some days I am in so much pain I can’t get up off the floor or out of bed. I have been on a mission to heal myself for many years studying natural health. I happened to stroll into McQuinn Naturopathic and I was always curious about acupuncture so I decided to give it a try. I was very impressed with the atmosphere of the facility, the staff was friendly and Dr William Duarte was awesome! I woke up the last 2 days without being stiff and in pain!! I went into my appointment feeling like I got hit by a train and left about an hour later feeling like I was walking in the clouds =) Thank you all at the facility for your help!!

 by Amy Evans

This facility and staff deserve my time like no other. This review is a long time overdue, but life as we know happens. My story is long and will attempt to make it as brief as possible. Just know that YOU are in the RIGHT spot if you are reading this.

Dr. William Duarte saved my life! In 2016, I went from being a hard working, physically active, mom and wife to not walking, to not being able to talk or use my arms or hardly keep my eyes open. I was a living breathing vegetable. My husband would have to carry me to the bathroom, change my diapers you name it he had to do it all because well something was wrong with me but multiple , Neurologists, Spine specialist, Rheumatologist, Ear Nose Throat Specialist, Dermatologist, PCP, long hospital stays, Physical Therapist and who knows how many others I seeked help from. I am TERRIFIED of the medical system PTSD.

My first visit I was wheeled in on a chair, eyes could not open and I can not speak let alone barely hold my body up. Dr. Duarte out of all the doctors I have seen is the 1st one to read through my medical record that is the size of a mini bible. I started to cry at the fact that someone took the time to really get an idea of what he was working with. He did a technique I believe called the “Lightning Injection” holy heck did that hurt but who knew working on old incisions could make such a huge difference. At this point I was 30 days of not speaking or being able to communicate with my family, or hardly move. I left in happy tears and the next day Fathers Day 2017, I heard my first words “Can you hear me”? My husband came around the corner in disbelief, I was in shock, let me say it is crazy to hear your own voice after a month of silence. I stood up, did a little stretch and my voice went out. My husband reached out to Dr. D and told him what had happened, so we got back in and started on our long road to recovery. From there we started our journey of healing. Once I was up and going I was introduced to Dr. Sandi Sambrano and let me tell you I have two “Angles” working to heal me. Dr. Sandi and Dr. Duarte are so compassionate, empathetic, genuine, caring – “I want to help my patient” that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere, especially in WA. I could write for hours but LOOK NO FURTHER!!! Front desk staff AMAZING, Dr. Duarte and Dr. Sandi AMAZING, oh and their phlebotomist, she does a damn good job. Again I can’t say enough great things about these people or their facility. My heart is and will always be with them, my appreciation and gratitude will always be there. Thank you again Dr. Duarte and Dr. Sambrano for giving me my life back!!! This is a page of my bible story and I am finally living again don’t second guess going to them. They know what they are doing! I wish you and your family the very best and hope you get yourself onto a road of recovery as I have. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

 by Xiao Huang

I had the best 10 days in half a year after last visit. My headache and backache is relieved a lot. My muscles are much relaxed. Thank you so much!

 by Scot D.

William is the best & takes away the pain & suffering for a while. He does a fantastic job at making me feel at ease & comfortable. Great friend & DR.

 by Chelsea Collier

As a 17 year long patient I can honestly say that Dr. William Duarte is the most skilled, caring, and insightful healer I know. I came to him in the 90’s after a car wreck and he turned a non-believer (I thought acupuncture was a bunch of woo-woo hippy crap) into a believer. I have referred him over the years to everyone I know with rave reviews from all he worked with. What I especially love about William is hard to put into words… compassionate comes to mind but doesn’t really describe him adequately. William can heal your body and at the same time release negative emotions that you don’t even know you have until the tears are pouring down your face. If you are looking for healing for your body and mind, call William. He’s the best!

 by Lara Hodo (Koler)

I went to Kirkland Whole Life Clinic on the recommendation of my brother who goes to Dr. William Duarte for acupuncture. William has helped my brother a lot with his chemo side effects. I went to William to help with stress and tension. He is extremely knowledgable (which makes sense since hems been doing this for 35 years!) and after one session my stress headaches had gone away. My second session was probably the most relaxed I’ve been in a long time. I’m really looking forward to my next session.
Not only is William great, the entire staff is kind and knowledgeable. I whole heartedly recommend Kirkland Whole Life Clinic.

 by Elizabeth Perry

Dr. William Duarte is a gifted healer. After years of unsuccessful attempts with western medicine, I was fortunate to find William and with his help, my daughter Cristina overcame years of struggle with asthma. Years later, William offered our family hope, when our youngest son at the age of 7 was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. Between the seizures and the drugs that were prescribed to treat his condition he was nearly incapacitated and barely able to function. Treating him with acupuncture, William offered relief that drugs did not provide, and over time our son’s health and quality of life improved dramatically. He is now a thriving young man on his way to finishing college. I have referred countless people to William because I have a profound faith in him as a skilled wholistic physician, and regardless of the condition, I always hear the highest praise from friends and family who become his patients. We are forever grateful to Dr. William Duarte for helping our family heal, as well as for the wisdom and compassion he has demonstrated to us all for over 20 years.

 by Abby S.

I don’t even know where to begin on how satisfied I am with the services I received at Kirkland Whole Life Clinic. I had been suffering from Sciatica for over a week and when all attempts of my traditional medicating and ‘waiting it out’ failed, I contacted Whole Life Clinic and I’m so glad I did. Shannon, the office manager, was very educated on the services William (Dr. Duarte) provides and he got me in right away! I had never tried acupuncture before, but was desperate and hopeful for relief. William went over everything with me and walked me through every step and made me feel so comfortable. He made it very clear he was here to help me and never tried to sell me on anything or make me buy unreasonable/affordable package deals or anything. He even mentioned he hoped he wouldn’t see me frequently, because then that meant I was doing better. His goal was to get me back on track and then just come in for maintenance appointments. Two days after my first visit, for the first time in almost two weeks I didn’t wake up in excruciating pain. After the 2nd appointment I could finally walk! I am such a believer I’m telling everyone I know that suffers from back/nerve pain to try this out! If you are afraid to go because of the scary word ‘needles,’ don’t be – I was so relaxed I actually fell asleep! I am so glad I found Kirkland Whole Life Clinic and will be forever grateful for them giving my quality of life back!

 by Katie S.

Hands down best acupuncture treatment I have ever had! Dr. Duarte is extremely knowledgeable and caring. Not only was he able to treat my injury but he has a whole body approach which left me feeling balanced and renewed after even my first visit. Tanya and Shannon were wonderful dealing with my insurance and scheduling. I have recommended this clinic to several friends!

 by Nevis Marsh

When I walked in I was in a lot of pain in my neck and shoulder making breathing and moving difficult. Dr. Duarte was very attentive was able to isolate what the issue was and with some targeted massage, acupuncture (first time for me) and stretching, I left feeling so much better – like the pain was never there. I highly recommend this place-easy to find easy to park.