Winter a Time to Restore and Renew

Winter is a time to restore and renew.  As we become less active we have the opportunity to BE rather than do.  By staying indoors more we are supported to tune into ourselves.  This gives us the space and time to notice, accept and allow ourselves just as we are.  In this allowance we discover that we are much more than what we perceive, think and feel ourselves to be.  This replenishes and rejuvenates us.

Often though this is the opposite of what we do.  Instead we find other things to do because we don’t like what we notice or feel.  In this avoidance we never come to peace with ourselves and we become more and more anxious, depressed and angry.

What can we do when we don’t like what we notice or feel?  First we have to acknowledge that we don’t like it.  Then we need to become curious.  What is it we don’t like?  What are the stories we tell ourselves about it?  Next we need to become sensitive.  (We need to move from our thoughts to what we are actually feeling in our body.)  Where is the feeling in our body?  What is the quality there?  Does our body feel tight, hot, numb, etc…?  Lastly we need to be present with ourselves and simply allow the feeling to be.  Inhale, open and welcome the feeling. Exhale, relax and release the feeling. By no longer resisting or rejecting what we feel, healing can take place and we discover that we are much more than the feeling – we are the presence that can be with our experience in any given moment.

The healing arts such as acupuncture, massage, yoga and meditation facilitate the process of allowing feeling. Give yourself the gift of Presence this holiday season!

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