Risk to Bloom

“And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to bloom.”

The trees are budding, the bulbs are sprouting, and the earth is springing to life around us. This time of year is one of expansion, growth and transformation. Harness the energy of this season to move out of pain and beyond fear.

Anais Nin’s quote reflects what is required for change. When we get to the point where our pain outweighs our fear of doing something different then we are ready to take action and make positive changes in our life.

The first step of transformation is to make conscious our pain and fear. When we acknowledge our “dis-ease” then we can observe it, make note of the trigger points and move toward a change of action.

The next step is to move into our fears however big or small. Fear is a state of mind and has no reality. Use this knowledge to empower yourself and intentionally engage those moments where fear arises. Breathe consciously. Stay present. Embrace the fear as you inhale and release it as you exhale.

The third step is consistency. This is where pain becomes our ally. Our pain keeps us committed to doing something different for we can no longer bear to stay the same. We must recommit every day, every hour, every minute to our change of action. Over time the pain diminishes and we are moved by the joy and freedom of a new way of being.

To intentionally take on your fears is an act of great courage and requires support. Surround yourself with people who will help you in this process and keep you focused on your path to growth. At Kirkland Whole Life Clinic we are committed to helping our clients transcend limits that bind them and to grow into the full potential of their being.

Happy Spring from all of us!