Reviews by Clients

Reviews of Acupuncture

Dr. William Duarte is a gifted healer. After years of unsuccessful attempts with western medicine, I was fortunate to find William and with his help, my daughter Cristina overcame years of struggle with asthma.

Years later, William offered our family hope, when our youngest son at the age of 7 was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. Between the seizures and the drugs that were prescribed to treat his condition he was nearly incapacitated and barely able to function. Treating him with acupuncture, William offered relief that drugs did not provide, and over time our son’s health and quality of life improved dramatically. He is now a thriving young man on his way to finishing college.

I have referred countless people to William because I have a profound faith in him as a skilled wholistic physician, and regardless of the condition, I always hear the highest praise from friends and family who become his patients.

We are forever grateful to Dr. William Duarte for helping our family heal, as well as for the wisdom and compassion he has demonstrated to us all for over 20 years. — Elizabeth Perry

Highly Recommended
As a 17 year long patient I can honestly say that Dr. William Duarte is the most skilled, caring, and insightful healer I know. I came to him in the 90’s after a car wreck and he turned a non-believer (I thought acupuncture was a bunch of woo-woo hippy crap) into a believer. I have referred him over the years to everyone I know with rave reviews from all he worked with. What I especially love about William is hard to put into words… compassionate comes to mind but doesn’t really describe him adequately. William can heal your body and at the same time release negative emotions that you don’t even know you have until the tears are pouring down your face. If you are looking for healing for your body and mind, call William. He’s the best! — Chelsea Collier

Reviews of Yoga Therapy

“As I recover from a motorcycle accident and surgery, I have been blessed with great caregiving every step of the way and Sonia is one of them. Prior to my first appointment Sonia contacted my physical therapist to find out everything she could about my condition. Sonia truly listens to me to find out what I can do and is always adapting my program for where I am at. Sonia has been very insightful with what we should be doing next and how much we should push it.” R.V.W.

“The work I have been doing in private sessions with Sonia over the past 8 weeks, has been more effective for my shoulder than 1yr of PT. It is impacting everything; my cycling and paddling have changed. I can breathe better, I have more endurance, and I feel better.” D.S.

“These yoga therapy sessions are more effective than the cognitive behavioral therapy I have been doing.” M.H.

“I started doing private yoga sessions with Sonia because of the physical side effects I was experiencing from anxiety meditation. With the support of Sonia and my psychiatrist I was able to come off the drug. While the drug helped me get through a difficult time in my life, my regular yoga practice now empowers me to manage my emotions naturally.” F.S.

“In the past I had tried many times to meditate without success. When Sonia lead me through a guided meditation I didn’t think I could even do 5 minutes, but I did and one of our sessions consisted of a 45min guided meditation focused on healing. Wow what a powerful session that was.” – R.V.W

Reviews of Massage Therapy

Thank you for the great massage the other day. My shoulders and back feel much more relaxed. I look forward to another massage is the future! Thanks, Jessica. — Jason B.

Jessica is great with her hands. I went to see her for shoulder and elbow pain and I received amazing results. Jessica understands pain so well I encourage anyone to try her. You’d appreciate her unique talent. She is like a physical therapist with a tender touch and a big smile. — June M.

Jessica is very knowledgeable about which muscles in the body are affecting others. I now have movement and a lack of pain that I haven’t had in a long time. Highly recommend! — Anonymous

Jessica seems almost intuitive in understanding my body and working on parts that seemed “stuck.” I’ve been able to breathe more openly and catch when I start moving in past patterns that led to “stuckness.” She has a gentle and facilitative way in her insightful words too. Looking forward to another session! — Kent B.

I’ve had a lot of bodywork of the years, this was really helpful…I received acupuncture for a hurt shoulder and a relaxing massage. Both practioners are very professional, sensitive and really likable. The clinic just feels good and they’ve plenty of free parking. — R.H.

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