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“Jessica is great with her hands. I went to see her for shoulder and elbow pain and I received amazing results. Jessica understands pain so well I encourage anyone to try her. You’d appreciate her unique talent. She is like a physical therapist with a tender touch and a big smile.” — June M.

“Jessica is very knowledgeable about which muscles in the body are affecting others. I now have movement and a lack of pain that I haven’t had in a long time. Highly recommend!” — Anonymous

“Jessica seems almost intuitive in understanding my body and working on parts that seemed “stuck.” I’ve been able to breathe more openly and catch when I start moving in past patterns that led to “stuckness.” She has a gentle and facilitative way in her insightful words too. Looking forward to another session!” — Kent B.

“I’ve had a lot of bodywork of the years, this was really helpful…I received acupuncture for a hurt shoulder and a relaxing massage. Both practitioners are very professional, sensitive and really likable. The clinic just feels good and they’ve plenty of free parking.” — R.H.

Kirkland Whole Life Clinic
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