Breathe, release and be joyous

snowHappy Holidays?! A wonderful idea to many, but how easy it is to feel tangled up in holiday tasks, sense of obligation, shopping mall throngs, and worries about money and relatives…and “happy” no longer are we! There is a price of happiness that we all can afford. It is feeling. Happiness is not derived from emoting nor thinking because it is a product of free feeling – like dancing un-self-consciously with the body released of concern – let go to the energy of the music. In any given moment, in the allowance of whatever feeling energy is arising in the body, there’s a release from the sense of struggle, problem and threat. No feelings are threatening. There’s only Energy/Light, the all-pervading Life Force. Don’t buy mind’s doubts and complaints. Breathe. Feel. And let’s practice being joyous with our loved ones. What a great challenge. So yes, Happy Holidays and Happy New Years! All the best from the staff at Kirkland Whole Life Clinic.

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